How to Improve Your Cyber Career With a Cisco Certification

Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your career and are looking for a change, or you might be looking to stay ahead of the competition by learning more about IT. With Cisco certification training, you can do just that.

First, what is a Cisco certification, and how will it help you? The answer can vary widely. The pursuit of a Cisco certification can open doors to earning more or even a flexible work environment, with the ability to work anywhere around the globe.

The following guide will help you navigate why obtaining a Cisco certification is such an important piece in paving the way to a successful IT career.

Understanding Cisco Certification

The sky’s the limit for individuals working in the IT field and Cisco Systems has many certifications to choose from. To be eligible for a certificate, completing the Cisco certification, and passing a practical exam is required. 

For an entry-level individual, the CCENT training is an ideal starting point.

It can also carry over into Associate-level training, allowing you to continue your education while advancing into your career. The CCENT training offers participants an opportunity to learn basic routing and networking skills while qualifying them to install, manage, troubleshoot, and maintain networks and other practical skills. Additionally, CCENT training demonstrates to potential employers that you hold a deep understanding of network security, which is critical to those pursuing a cybersecurity career.

After obtaining the CCENT certification, higher level programs become available, including the highly sought after CCNA training which features: switching and routing, security operations, wireless technology use, cloud, data center technologies, and much more.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Continued  IT growth in the fields of data management and cybersecurity has fueled a broad range of companies to continue their demand for highly trained professionals to maintain and protect their technology infrastructures. Whether you’ve just begun your IT career or are more advanced in your career path, having a Cisco certification will make your resume rise above the rest.

With a multitude of jobs to choose from in the IT field, having proof that you’re qualified to protect data and to manage networking systems can make all the difference to land the job of your dreams.

Work Anywhere in The World

An IT career can literally take you anywhere in the world–as it goes, routing, technology, switching, cybersecurity,engineering, and data management are issues that are unrestricted by borders.

If your interests include a desire to travel and live or work abroad, a career in the IT field provides many more opportunities than many other careers.

Having the Cisco certification will instantly show any international organization that you’re proficient enough to operate their systems. 

With your internationally recognized Cisco certification, the doors to working abroad will be wide open to you.

Career Switchers

If you’re switching careers and getting started in IT, Cisco training will pave your way to success. Becoming certified is a significant benefit to your career that has no prerequisite or requirement, making it the perfect springboard to launch your career. 

Once you do, what you’ll discover is an unlimited number of opportunities opening up to you. Among them are the benefits of being in an exciting and evolving field that encourages creative problem solving and career growth while having a great salary.

 Skills that Set You Apart

Working in the IT field, you’ll never feel stuck, with countless paths to continue to grow professionally. One way is to pursue further Cisco certification training courses.

Whether you’re considering learning more about networking and routing or you’re thinking about switching into design work, Cisco training certifications are a quick way to breathe fresh life into your IT career.

Thrive as a Professional

You’ll be pressed to find other fields with as many attractive attributes, from the great pay, incredible job opportunities, and overall job satisfaction. It is nevertheless important to acknowledge that with so many lucrative jobs up for grabs, you probably won’t be the only applicant.

But how can you stand above the rest of other qualified candidates? It’s easier than you’d think; with a Cisco certification in hand, you’ll easily stand apart from your peers. Talk about having an advantage in your toolbox; this is one that can’t be beat!

Best of all, you can continue to build upon it as you develop throughout your IT or cybersecurity career. That’s an advantage that will keep you ahead of the curve and as you continue expanding your skills to new heights. Are you excited to see how Cisco training and other paths in IT are within your reach?

Well then, it’s time to open the door to all of the possibilities in a new IT career. You’ll find everything you need to dive into your exciting new career with the University of Central Florida Cyber Defense Professional Certificate Program.

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